What is CELPIP? The full definition is Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program which is the an English language assessment tool which drives the measure on listening, writing, reading likewise speaking skills. This test under norms is arranged by a Paragon Testing Institution which is under the university of British Columbia. This CELPIP test happens to be the leading basic English tests for immigration, professional designation and also citizenship in Canada.

Rapid online results

Availability online in 4-5 days after the date of the test.

Single North American Accent

Very simple to comprehend English likewise vocabulary which is gotten from daily situations.

Computer delivered

Completed in just some settings and includes some features such as personal times, word counter and also spell check.

Accesibility Of Study Material

Sample of text and also video likewise information sessions and online preparation courses.

Which Test Is Right For Me

CELPIP - General

The CELPIP – General evaluates test taker’s English listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills which is officially designated for permanent residence applications by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), likewise also accepted for professional designations.

CELPIP - General LS

The CELPIP – General LS evaluates test taker’s English listening and speaking skills which is officially made for citizenship applications by IRCC, and is also accepted for professional designations.

Each component of the CELPIP – General Test and the CELPIP – General LS Test is made a CELPIP level. Below is a chart of each CELPIP level and its corresponding description. Since the CELPIP test scores have been made against the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) levels, we have included the CLB level equivalencies for your information.

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